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BYO Sewing Machine

Arrr! 'Tis been a long time at sea for this ol' Swatchbuckler!

New on th' horizon: A sewing class comin' up in th' Autumn at The Conjure Works!

Quick & Dirty Machine Sewing with the Swatchbuckler!

It will be $20 per class, and some scholarships will be available. It will be BYO Sewing Machine, some materials will be provided, but the materials for your final project will not be provided. Stay tuned for more information as details get ironed out.

Questions in the meantime? Find the ol' Swatchbuckler at swatchbucklers (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank ye!


Ye Olde Sewing Woes

The Swatchbuckler stays focused whilst sewing due to one thing, and one thing only: JuJuBes. I ran out last week and couldn't find any at the store last time I was there.

Today, I'm working on Ideu clothes for kik_inouye and I will tell you with the utmost sincerity that Mentos and Everlasting Gobstoppers make for lousy substitutes. I cannot stay put in the Captain's Chair, and now I've gone and set a sleeve in backwards. I can't find my good seam ripper (I betcha me parrot Rufus Redbeard is hiding it), and I'm feeling all sorts of out-of-sorts.

I may have to go on mission before I turn in for the night to find these elusive JuJuBes. I cannot afford anymore of these costly mistakes!

Pass me the Rum!

Despite the heat, this Pirate has been hard at work!

Business cards and a (new, alternate) logo are in the works.

My mighty sea-faring vessel has been named, but has yet to be christened. (AHOY!)

I'm catching up on old commissions, and teaching other pirates to work with yaaaarn!

Question for the evening: should I study up for tomorrow's interview, or should I fashion a new duvet for the captain's bed? Maybe I can do both!

This be pleasin' to me eye!

Tonight I took a little stroll around the poop deck with kik_inouye, and came back to her place for yo-ho-homemade cream cheese and fresh blueberries!

And then this lass sent me on my way with some new fabrics: one a rainbow-colored batik-style print, and one slinky stretchy brown and gold fabric. So very very pleasin' to me eye!


Here's a funny story for you:

This morning I was experimenting with some new makeup and when I had finished, here was my thought process...

"Well, that looks pretty good! My eyes are smokey and they pop....

...but I kind of look like a pirate....

...is it too dark?

...too smokey?

...too heavy?

...oh, maybe I should take off the headscarf..."

I took off the headscarf and didn't look like Cap'n Jack Sparrow anymore!

The end.

Beanie's Macaroni & Cheese

Arrrrr. The Swatchbuckler is a lousy pirate indeed. I went nearly the whole day without realizing that Friday was Talk Like a Pirate Day. I had to be reminded by someone who doesn't resemble a pirate in the slightest. Arrrrr. T'was a sad day.

In any case, this Pirate has been sewing up a proverbial storm (not a real storm, we'll leave those to Oya.) Burp Cloths, Aprons, Petticoats, Panuelos, Belts/Sashes, and Tablecloths were the focus this week, but I'll show you the Mac & Cheese Blankie I finished! (shhh... don't tell anyone!)

It's all wrapped up with a set of six yo-ho-homemade burp cloths, all color-coordinated, all ready to go! Too bad the baby shower isn't till November 4!

Pirate Cat!


Swatchbuckler Attack!!

Ahoy! What a nice little afternoon I've had! Had lunch with casperini, stormsister, mousemessenger, byroncaloz, and apocalypso23. Tasty salads and crostini, and sweet sweet tea.

It was nice to see casperini & stormsister's new house in their new neighborhood. It's really a great house, with tons of room to ramble around in the basement.

Much to my little swatchbucklin' heart's delight, casperini sent me home with armloads of fabric. I have big plans to eventually urn these into blankies and altar cloths. BIG PLANS.

Still have a number of projects to finish here for myself and my first mate... but you know, I always have to have something (or 12 things) in the hopper.

Take good care of yourself this week! If the weather is nice, take a stroll around the poop-deck! If the weather is less-than co-operative, batten down the hatches and drink hot buttered rum!

Happy Mistakes

A beautiful bubble-gum pink wool hat I made accidentally found it's way to the dryer. On "Hot."

Now it is quite a bit smaller. But still beautiful. It used to be adult sized, but now it is child-sized and I'm sure will make it's way to being sold soon enough.

If'n I don't get the Etsy shop up and running before the end of the year, I have an opportunity to sell these things at the Holiday Bazaar at Brooklyn Community Acupuncture on Sunday, December 9th, 2007, 1:30pm to 4:30pm. I won't be able to make it that day, but the dream of dreams is that my partner-in-crime, Vajra of Conjure Oils fame, will be able to run a table with our stuff together.

Have a swell Holiday, everyone! Go ahead and eat too much pie! Arr!



So, what's a Pirate's favorite Thornton Wilder play?

Arrrr Town!

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye lily-livered land-lubbers!